Management & Business Communication Skills

My training classes focus on making managers more effective through communication, time management and relationships. I find that most businesses really need training in more than one area listed below and I can customize a class to those needs.

Leadership Training: What is the difference between a leader and a manager? What makes someone an effective leader? What qualities make people ineffective? What role does this play in business success? How does someone incorporate these qualities into his/her daily management style?

Management Communications:

Managing E-mail (sometimes known as "E-mail Ettiquette", but I hate that term. "Ettiquette" sounds like e-mailing with your pinkie finger pointed outward or knowing on which side of the keyboard to place the mouse) 

Difficult, troubling or just plain awkward conversations: How to prepare for them, how to conduct them, the costs of avoiding them.

Negotiation Skills: How to negotiate with your business partners without going to war with them. How to negotiate in a way that maintains and encourages your future business relationships.

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