Presentation Skills

If you want to give after-dinner style speeches for entertainment, there are others who teach that as well or better than I do. My specialty is what I call Advocacy Presentations. Whether it be a sales presentation, political speech or debate, or any other presentation where you advocate a position, my experience can make you a much more effective speaker.

This is truly one of my passions. The ability to present your ideas to an audience, large or small, greatly improves your value to yourself and your business.

One need only look to the political arena to see how Presentation Skills affect others' perception of you. Please note, I make a lot of references to people in the political arena because those are the speeches most commonly heard. I am only commenting on the persons' presentation skills and not their political views.

Abraham Lincoln, FDR, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ronald Reagan were all known for their ability to communicate. Likewise we can all think of politicians who's standing suffered because of their inability to present well.

Beginning in Jr. High School, I was lucky enough to be coached by a Speech & Debate coaching legend, Ralph Carey. I was very successful in the High School competitions (Twice State Champion and in the top ten Nationally both years), but more than the competitions, Ralph taught me how to create a speech and the mechanics of how to present it well..

I have refined those strategies after ten years as a litigation attorney and ten more as a trainer and presenter. My course goes far deeper than most available training and includes many strategies I haven't seen anywhere else.

I offer a Beginners Class and an Advanced Class as well as Consulting Services. I can tailor the class to your specific needs. While I can teach the class in one day, I prefer a two or three day length to allow for more practice presentations and feedback. I also video your presentations and provide the video to each presenter to keep.

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