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Total Training Solution

Over the last ten years, I've taught this software to all kinds of businesspeople and students: from CEO's to plant workers, from IT professionals and engineers to people who have never worked with a computer before. I can tailor your class to the needs of your employees. A great emphasis is placed on understanding how a program "thinks" and making it understandable for people of all levels.

I want to be your total training solution. That means the training doesn't stop when the classes are over. With every class, I provide what I think are the best computer training CD's for a reference. Each CD has clips of topics. Each clip is about two minutes or less. They are better than a book because your employees hear a trainer coaching them through the use of the tool. They can also see what the trainer is doing on the screen. I also can provide a Mobile Help Desk where we come to your office and answer your questions about your documents.

Our training classes are very effective, however the biggest problem with any training class is retention. Other training companies offer five minute support or computer based training that is time consuming and difficult to use. I'm here to make sure your people really know how to use the software.

Microsoft: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Word, SharePoint.


Access Introduction: Database design, creating tables, creating relationships, filters, creating queries. Best as a two-day class, but it can be taught in one-day.

Access Intermediate: Forms and Reports. Importing and Exporting. One-day class.

Access Advanced: Advanced Queries, Action Queries, Macros, Switchboards, Database maintenance tools. Two-day class.


Excel Introduction: People love this class. Great shortcuts and a great explanation of formulas and functions. Also formatting and printing. One-day class.

Excel Intermediate: Review of formulas and functions, charts, sorting, filtering, subtotals, comments, freezing panes, more advanced functions, pivot tables. One-day class.

Excel Advanced: Macros, Database functions, If functions, Outlining, data validation, other tools. One-day class.


Outlook: Only one class is needed. Covers everything except the Journal (nobody uses it). Great little-known tips and shortcuts. Better as a two-day class, but it can be covered in one.


PowerPoint: Another class people love. Everything from creating a presentation from scratch through animations, text, graphics, photos, clip art, diagrams, charts, running the show, transitions, animations. Great animation tips on charts and diagrams. Better as a two-day class, but it can be taught as a one-day also.


Project: Creating a project from scratch, recurring tasks, milestones, relationships and dependencies, outlining tasks, constraints and deadlines, baseline, critical tasks and paths, resources, views, printing, reports, overallocated resources, costs, tracking, combining projects (does not include Project Server). Warnings of typical mistakes that can frustrate you and your project plan. Two-day class (can be taught as one if you don't deal with overallocated resources or track costs in your project although it is still better received as a two-day class).


Word Introduction: Great selection tips, moving and copying text, automatic features, formatting text, paragraph formatting, page formatting, printing. One-day class.

Word Intermediate: Sections, Headers and Footers, Autotext, Tables, Columns, Envelopes and Labels, Mail Merge, Templates. One-day class.

Word Advanced: Focuses on larger documents. Macros, Footnotes, Table of Contents, Tracking Changes.


Please call me about tailoring Sharepoint classes to your needs.

For other software, please check with me.




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