A different kind of training company.

Better Trainers = Better Learning

Thank you for visiting my site. I have started this training company to provide customers a better, more useful training experience. In most instances, I can accomplish this for a better price than you currently pay.

How do I accomplish this? I only associate with great trainers; trainers who get consistently the highest reviews and compliments from clients. And I pay those trainers more than any other training company. If I expect trainers to think, act and perform at a professional level (i.e. the equivalent of doctors, lawyers, engineers, upper-level management) then I should expect to pay them as professionals. Otherwise, why would professional quality people stay in the business? Therefore, at least half, and often more than half, of the fee I charge you goes to the trainer. No other training company does this.

So how does this save you money? Because other training companies are paying their trainers less than I am, but they are not passing the savings along to you. Their high fees go to their sales staff, management, marketing, expensive rent, franchise fees and owner profits. These factors may be important to the training company, but they don't help your employees learn skills any better.

How do I know this about these other companies? Because I have worked for them as a contractor for ten years and I continue to do so. Some I refuse to work for because they pay too little. I am consistently among the highest reviews for all these companies. Many of you reading this have hired me already, you've just done it through a middle layer; an expensive middle layer.

So, I started this company so that I can provide a consistently high level of training and cut out the middle layer. I have better trainers, and I can often save you money on the training. It is a win-win situation.

Most of my business is in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, but I also travel nationwide and internationally.

I'm very excited about our new product, the Mobile Help Desk. We come to your business, answer your employees' questions about their own documents. They don't miss a day of work as they would with a class. I don't believe anyone is doing this without charging extremely high consulting fees.

I love what I do. I help people. I make them more productive. I give them the tools to succeed. The prettiest sight is when I see the lightbulbs go off in my students' eyes.

Please read my site at your convenience and let me know if I can help you. I'd also appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can e-mail me at jordan@helpmejordan.com

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